Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Still Another Bigfoot TV Series"

By Frank Cali President Team Tracker


(Lynk Paul will be taking over the blog effective today. I will still do some as well. Rick Dyer has stepped down as President to concentrate on very important matters, the tour coming up and various other things. I am now President of Team Tracker, Dale Boswell is Vice President, Lynk is Blog Editor, Chris Sands is special assistant and consultant and producer for Team Tracker)

The cable networks are jumping on new Bigfoot shows like ticks on a dog, It's from a TV producer from a production company looking for "Bigfoot enthusiasts" across the nation. I hope they get a good cast. Not someone like Matt Moneymaker or BoBo. Are these the kind of guys you want as role models for your kids?

Will this series be another romp in the woods with so called "researchers,  banging on trees, yelling in the middle of the night and finding nothing? Still another of what they call in the a biz formula Shows?

A formula show has a basic weekly structure of a show that the cast and crew follow each week. Only the locations and some local people are the only real things changed. It's kind of like what we called in broadcasting playing a county record backwards's. In the end the guy gets his truck, his job and his girl back.

This is one thing those channels do is jump on the bandwagon and flood TV with the same style shows. The best part is some of  the titles these shows use. Take for example "Dancing with the Stars" What stars? Most of those "stars" haven't been in a movie or TV show for years. Is Chas Bono a star? How about the guy who played Erkle ? The only TV's they have been on is when they walk in front of security camera at Wallmart.

Here's some of the note that went out to one Bigfoot web site that we know of  "We are currently casting a new show for a major cable network looking for Bigfoot enthusiasts ages 18+. I believe your members sound like they would be perfect for this opportunity to share their ideas & opinions about Bigfoot. If you or someone you know has interest in this project I’d love to chat with them.

Rumor has it that this Bigfoot show will be have people arguing back and forth about you guessed it. Bigfoot. Sounds like maybe a show like The View, but with people arguing the pros and cons of their opinion of the big guy.

Hey! maybe Barbara Walters wont retire and they can get here as the host? I 'd love to see her and Whoopie Goldberg discuss Bigfoot. What about the old Larry Hagman show "Dallas"? They can make the title longer and call it "Dallas and Wayne" Now that would be something I'd watch. Actual Bigfoot researchers looking and finding Bigfoot. I'd watch that any day. I love to see that. They are friend's of mine and I admire them both.

The cable channels are always good at bringing things back for the old days. How about possibly "Gilligan's Bigfoot Island"? "The Brady Bigfoot Bunch", Leave it to Bigfoot: with Jerry Mathers as the beaver, I mean the Bigfoot.

Not only is TV going Bigfoot crazy. A few weeks ago I reported that there is a famous brewery company coming out with Bigfoot Beer. What does that mean" You drink a couple of cans and you grown over 8 feet tall. You burp and it can be heard all the way to Canada?

I am waiting  for a car company to come out with a Bigfoot car. The gas peddle will be shaped like a Bigfoot cast taken at Bluff Creek of the Bigfoot seen in the film, but it's really just a cast of Bob Heironimus foot. He's the guy who claims he wore thee suit in the Patterson/Gimlin film. Over the years many people have claimed to be the guy in the suit. Maybe that's what happned to former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa. He put on a Bigfoot suit and pranks the police by rnning in front of the dashboard cameras.

Getting back to TV. There is one show I am really looking forward to seeing. The new Rick Dyer A&E TV series. Maybe you've heard of him? After Rick Dyer's Bigfoot body is released to the public. No one will need to argue anything. There will be no pros and cons. No need for the fuzzy, blurry picture. People are going to see an actual Bigfoot body As a mater of fact, we have 2 new DVD's for sale. One DVD is called "After the Shot" where you see a real Bigfoot body after Rick shot and killed it . The other DVD is "Bigfoot: The Autopsy". As an  awesome bonus, everyone who buys the DVD will be invited to the Team Tracer party in December to view the Bigfoot body in person. Now! That's a hell of a bonus. You can pre-order them  HERE