Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stick Structures: Fact or Fiction

By:  Alexes Pereira - Writer/Researcher, Team Tracker Member

Even those who are knowers and believers of Bigfoot will give you a skeptical eye when you say that Bigfoot create Stick Structures. I am not quite sure why it is so unbelievable, Bigfoot needs a hobby, right? The natural world is their home and if they wish to manipulate their environment for whatever purpose they wish, it is only reasonable.
(From my area)

 Side note:  And, let us not forget that Stick Structures are bio-degradable, Earth friendly and Green. Give Bigfoot a hand for leading the way in environmentalism; here here!!
But I digress; back to Stick Structures. I do believe some are misidentified, I have definitely been confused before, you really have to spend some time looking at the structures because some of them can be created by kids or adults making a fort and of course by the forces of nature. So keeping an open mind and considering the recent weather will rule out some of the misidentifications.

I have seen small structures and signs as well as bigger ones that may be temporary shelters or Hunting Blinds. The ones I have seen are closer to suburbia but I do believe that as you go into deeper forests you can find bigger and more elaborate ones like this magnificent construction in this video by researcher Mark Parra :

Watch the video HERE

 Even finding a tiny twig sign is pretty darn exciting for some of us and I have found a few that have made me more excited than perhaps is warranted.

(also from my area)

 Right now as leaves start to fall here on the East Coast is not a great time to search for the signals and small stick signs but soon as the trees bare themselves, if you are lucky, you will see the structures from last year and if you watch and document you may s
ee the new ones forming and keep watching… they will keep changing.
(from another site)

Why on earth does Bigfoot make these structures?  It could be that some are directional or informative signposts that may tell them something about where certain parts of the landscape are where shelters are or some facet of Bigfoot community life.

 You may notice Allen-wrench shaped branches or Y shaped sticks stuck in between the V of a tree on the corner of the woods. In my area I often see these markers at the intersections of paths and streams and borders. There are arches and stars and X’s, (keep out!, beware!), and triangles and teepees and numerous other designs.
(from another site)

There are myriad reasons that people have postulated for what Bigfoot is trying to express with these. Are they a map of simple directions, clan messages, shelters for the little ones, art or something similar to Runes or Native American Glyphs? Maybe they mark ley-lines and underground water and caverns? Or perhaps some of the small signs and bigger structures are sacred geometry or an ET language?

I do not think any of us can be completely sure what they are there for, although the shelters and hunting blinds may be a no-brainer. It is fun to marvel at them and see how they fit into the landscape in your area. If they really are possibly made by Bigfoot, they will have a relationship with each other in some way or with the terrain and natural features. You may be able to discover their home or travel routes with some study, or even to determine a possible gifting spot, (if you are into that sort of thing…).

Some of the things to look for are up-ended trees that have the base leaning upwards, fresh tree breaks or twisted tree breaks.  You may see trees that have been altered while still bearing green leaves and branches that have been woven and knitted together in an unnatural and unusual way.
(from another site)

I have come across kids building a fort and I could see the difference in the way a human might approach things, but if I had come across it without knowing I might have been confused, so that was a lesson for me to be aware of how we may construct differently than a Bigfoot.  We humans build things that are more linear, more obvious while Bigfoot creations hover somewhere between function and some wild art.

Stick structures from other areas may differ from what I have seen depending on the types of foliage and climate and natural shelters available.  If you have a chance, go take a hike in your nearest woods and you may be surprised what you find, especially if you wander of the path. In my experience they are a great indicator of whether Bigfoot is in your area and looking for them can be a lot of fun.