Monday, September 9, 2013

"Smeja Hoaxed Movie Sighting Of Bigfoot"


We knew the Justin Smeja hoax had gotten out of control and "they" will do just about anything and see if "they" can get away with it. Now we have confirmed that in the Smeja movie, a faked Bigfoot sighing will try to be passed off to the public as genuine. If the bear meat DNA wasn't enough to hang these guys, now we have confirmed by the makeup artist himself from Los Angeles that he was hired to do the makeup for the Smeja movie.

So far, they have gotten past some Bigfoot Boo Boo's, including Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO who actually think that Smeja story has credence. Somehow, we don't find that very surprising.

Ro Sahebi & Justn Smeja
This is a documentary by Ro Sahebi, who along with Smeja concocted the entire hoax some time ago. The Team Tazer (former name)  guru Michael Merchant, Sahebi and Smeja have knew each other longer that they want people to think. They did not first meet when Smeja came on the scene with his hoax story of the Bigfoots shooting in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

These guys have produced a video trailer to promote the movie which of course will not be shown any theaters. We believe they want to take the money and run before the press conference and video's come out of an authentic Bigfoot body with the scientist statements who've been working on the body for the past year.