Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Rick Dyer & Team Tracker New DVD is OUT!

By Frank Vice President Team Tracker


"Rick Dyer & Team Tracker's New DVD "Not Just A Bigfoot Movie" is out and ready to ship to you. This brand new DVD is 2 hours of the expedition that took place on Mt. Charleston near Las Vegas this past June.

Watch a preview HERE

It features Rick, Dallas & Wayne and many Team Tracker members who traveled from all sections of the US to take part in this awesome event. An incredible experience for us to finally get to meet each other in person and form a lifetime bond. Even though I suffered a heart attack trying to go up the mountain. Thank God Dallas Gilbert ws with me and he saved my life, which you'll see on the video. I'd do it all over again in a minute. I missed the expedition because I ended up in the ICU. Because of that Dale and Robin Boswell gave up the vacation in Vegas they had planned for a long time to spend it with me in the hospital So, I'll be seeing the DVD for the first time and I'm looking forward to viewing it.

Left to right, Wayne, Rick, Dallas in back of Rick, Frank, Dale, Robin, Chris,
Melissa & Big Jake

Rick and the team had a great time and there is alot of surprises on this new DVD. They had high tech equipment and did some experiments with it, including 2 FLIR camera's in which proves that a recent claim by someone that they recorded a Bigfoot with one actually is a man.

Order your's now before they are gone. When the Bigfoot body is released to the world, which will be very soon now, they will be a complete sell out. Rick Dyer and Team Tracker are going to a household name

Lots more news on the Bigfoot body coming soon. Check this blog very day to get the news first.

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