Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Rick Dyer & Team Tracker Every Night This Week"


Rick Dyer and Team Tracker takes to the air waves every night this week at 9PM -6 Pacific. You have all been waiting to see Hank, the Bigfoot Rick shot & killed in San Antonio and here's you chance. Rick is releasing a total of 100 DVD's that has the events that took place in last September 6, 2012. The DVD is called "After the Shot". You WILL see a dead Bigfoot body in shapr HD detail. If you are not happy, you get DOUBLE your money back. We're sure you will be amazed when you see this historic DVD. SOme popel have bought 2, and are saving the other copy fo rtheir childred and Grand children. It's that important

As a bonus. EVRYONE who buys a DVD this week is invited to a special party in Vegas to see the Hank in person. You can't beat that. You have been waiting to see it. Now is your chance.

Click on the link to read article and to order your copy of this historic DVD. Thank you

Order the :After the Shot" DVD HERE