Monday, September 23, 2013

"New Canadian Bigfoot Video Is Not Real"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker


I have been following Timbergiantbigfoot for a long time. I watched all of this videos posted on YouTube sometimes on a daily basis. I've seen him out in the cold, extreme bad weather and when it got very hot.



He appeared to be loyal researcher who seemed to be totally into what he's doing. He even takes his kids out in the field with him on many occasions. That was the first alarm for me. when you allegedly are having encounters with Bigfoots, would you risk talking children into the area?  I wouldn't take my child near one for anything.


This new video which is currently on YouTube seems to be pretty good to the average viewer. I saw the video early in the evening on Sunday, hours before Rick took to the air. I posted on our Facebook pages that he looked like a Halloween costume. The hair in that video has that fake hair look to it. When you've seen several Bigfoots, you know the kind of hair they have and the "thing" in that video doesn't have it. A Timergiantbigfoot supporter said in the chat room something to the effect that a Bigfoot from Texas "may" have different hair then one from Canada. The one I saw in Nevada had the same type hair as Hank. None of the real Bigfoots have hair that looks like the cheap crap on a trick or treat ge costume. Get my point?  Timbergiantbigfoot's name is Jim (last name unknown)  hears some nose in the woods and makes his way to that location. All this time he is talking in a low voice informing the viewer as to what he is experiencing. All of a sudden, not that far away he spots this "thing" in the brush which appears occupied doing something without taking notice that a human is approaching the area. That does not happen, period. Bigfoot knows your coming a long time before you get there.

One thing having Rick Dyer describe a Bigfoot is that they have very large ear's. The ear drum is bigger than a quarter. I have seen them both alive and dead. I can tell you the video from Canada is not a Bigfoot.

Is this Canadian researcher is pulling a hoax?  I have to say that after looking and looking at this video, both in black and white and color. I do not believe this a real Bigfoot. The "fur"(hair) in this video has that synthetic look, not real. This being's appearance from what can be seen in the video is not natural. One question I have is why show the video in both black and white and also in color at all? You can't see the color of this "thing" in black and white. A total waste of time.

To what has been learned about these beings is that with that large of an ear, they have excellent hearing, Better than a human for sure. The question that popped up in my mind was, wouldn't this "Bigfoot" hear the leaves rustling and the foot steps, no matter how soft Timbergiant would walk. He is also talking with a low voice into the camera with this being even looking all around the area. Another thing that would never happen. When the "being" stars to show it's head, Timbergiant zoomed out and again when the "being" stood up, Timbergiantbigfoot moves the camera AWAY so you can't see it clearly. The video has edits in it at a time when he should leave the video unedited.Why the edits?  The camera is moved all over the place to distort the image from being seen clearly. Another "goofy" thing is when he has an alleged Bigfoot right in front of him, he moves the camera and does a tree knock. Huh? His is also talking thought the entire recording. A great Bigfoot would head for the brush. As I said, They can hear you coming for far, far away.


Why move the camera when the beings is about to expose itself to a better view of the camera? Too many alarms going off for me and also for Rick Dyer. Someone asked on Rick's show "If this is guy a suit, wouldn't he show alot more? No! if it's is a guy in a suit, you would not want to show more because then you would see what kind of suit it was. As Rick said "Less is More, when it comes to a guy in a suit."


One of Timbergiantbigfoot's biggest supporters was in Rick Dyer chat room last night and argued that he believes the video to be real. He even mentioned doing his own video breakdown on it and finding "eyes" on it. Well, costumes have holes in them so the person wearing them can see don't they?. When Tibergiant's supporter was asked by me how many Bigfoot's he has seen, he said none. I rest my case.

 Timergiantbigfoot needs to show the video UNCUT, no edits and let's hear the audio clealy. Let's see why there was all those edits and then we'll be able to return to this video and take another close look again. Until then, I wouldn't waste anymore time on it.


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click here to see the Canada video on Rick's show