Monday, September 2, 2013

"Minnow Films statement to Cryptomundo"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

Several months ago the people at Cryptomundo received the statement below in regard to the film "Shooting Bigfoot." There is a very important statement written in that communication that no one seems to have noticed. My thoughts are plane and simple. Ask yourself this question. Would the prestigious BBC or Minnow Films take part in any kind of hoax? Morgan Matthews is a multi award winning director. Not ne of them would ever do such a thing. Another question, why is that bootlegged photo taken off the screen so important to Minnow films?

Another statement made by Matthews was "We are not in the possession  of a Bigfoot body". Matthews never said "there is no Bigfoot body."

Below is the statement to Cryptomundo. Notice the bold lettering and which part of it is underline

(From the Cryptomundo web site, here is that statement below

Cryptomundo received the following message earlier today via our website contact submission form:

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Minnow Films
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Media inquiry
To all at the Cryptomundo team, We are contacting you from Minnow Films Limited, the production company responsible for the “Shooting Bigfoot” documentary. The reason we are contacting you is we have seen that photographs that were illegally obtained in the movie theater have been uploaded onto your website. I also understand that you may intend to upload clips of the film that were also obtained illegally. Whilst we appreciate your interest in the film and are very aware of the importance of this footage to the Bigfoot community, uploading this material nevertheless breaches our copyright. We will not take action with regard to the uploading of the photograph, but we would have to take action if any clips are uploaded. Could I therefore request, on an amicable basis, that you do not upload or otherwise publish any of our copyright material? Thank you very much for your co----operation. Minnow Films.

The image that was stolen was by Facebook/Findbigfoot's Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes" and Jim Larrengara aka "Jeff Anderson" by illegally smuggling a hidden camera into the Hot Docs film festival theater in Canada. They video recorded the movie and released the image of "Hank", the Bigfoot that is looking directly into the face of Morgan Matthews who was holding a 50 pound camera at the time. He was knocked down to the ground by the incredible strength of this 8 foot 8 being of massive weight and and power.We understand that Minnow Films will be taking legal action against both Foss and Larrengara. Shooting Bigfoot stars Rick Dyer and Dallas and Wayne. Minnow Films states that DVD's will be available of this incredible movie to the public.

Watch the official movie trailer

Soon you and the rest of the world will see an actual Bigfoot body. Several of us have already seen this body. It's is the most incredible being you will ever see. Rick Dyer is the man responsible for making this amazing discovery. He as well as I have taken abuse, threats and more from all of these what we call "Haters." We will have the final last laugh as these "Haters" when they are proven so wrong. They are going to look like total fools and be shut up once and for all. The date is very, very near. The postponement of the body was done for very good reasons that will all be disclosed.

This Friday night at Rick Dyer will do a special show on YouTube for what is the 1st anniversary of that event of shooting a real Bigfoot which took place on September 6, 2012. The time of the broadcast will be announced right here, so check back often during this week.