Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bigfoot Taboo....Still?

 (they say pictures are worth a thousand words, how many words will the real thing be worth?)

By Lynk Paul Editor Team Tracker

After all these years, although having appeared in folklore, stories, cave paintings, articles, books, movies, TV shows, toy stores and much more; spanning a few thousand years and up to the present; BIGFOOT, YETI, SASQUATCH, YEREN, WILD MAN, YOWIE,  whatever name they go by, according to geographic location or culture; the vast majority of people on this planet, STILL, either don’t know about them or just don’t believe that they exist, not only is this present time but in locations where there have been numerous eye witness sightings ALL over the world.

But wait, before I get ahead of myself, lest I misinform our readers, “ANYONE” who claims to either have a close or any other encounter with Bigfoot is hastily labeled by “The Authorities” and most times “stupid and ignorant” people, with one or more of the following titles: crazy, kook, loon, retard, mentally disturbed, on drugs, alcoholics and much worse at times.

Despite the fact that most of the witnesses and documented encounters are from professionals like police officers, park rangers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, federal agents, business executives, military personnel, congressmen, senators, former presidents and much more, the list goes on and on. 

Is it that the average person chooses not to believe in things they cannot understand or they choose not to understand the things in which they may or may not believe in? Does it somehow remove your fear of the thing you do not understand? Maybe if you try hard enough to believe that things such as “Bigfoot” do not exist, it won’t.  Oddly enough, to their surprise, many of the witnesses did not believe that such things could really exist in their reality either.

If you have a close encounter with a Bigfoot and you stand face to face with it, you see it with you own two eyes, but you freeze, it’s staring back at you, both of you, eyes locked, for what seem like an eternity, in reality it was just a few seconds. Are you confident in your own sanity and state of mind to accept what you saw as being a living biological creature or would you doubt you own senses? Do you think the Bigfoot wonders if you are real or just a figment of his imagination? Do you think Bigfoot needs anyone to believe that they are real in order to exist in this present time and geographic locations?

Ever wonder where all these Bigfoot researchers came from and why they do what they do? Eyewitnesses and or people seriously interested in seeking and finding the answers to the phenomenon that is Bigfoot. They need absolutely no convincing of the existence of Bigfoot, rather, they seek an understanding of just what this being is and how it fits into the ecological system, their biological composition, social behavior, structure and habitat. 

As they get deeper entrenched in the search, more questions arise, questions that makes you cringe at the thought of the destination to where the answers lead. All the possibilities that are; and just how much of what we have learned in our lifetime of study, is actually true or not. Alas, in this writing, I am in no way attempting to convince anyone to believe in anything, but I am just amazed as to the vast majority of people who are completely oblivious to this topic or who just don’t care to know or even look into it.

Whether people chose to believe in the existence of Bigfoot or not is not a major priority for me. People will always choose to believe in a reality that is comfortable and safe for their minds to accept, where they are in control, however, the millions all over the world who have witnessed or have had a close personal encounter in some way or the other with this being, will soon be redeemed and exonerated from the dismal abyss they were tossed into against their will for many long years. 

What is most important, is that people receive the information which is soon to be released, namely the scientific peer reviewed and published data on the Bigfoot specimen referred to as “Hank”, along with the physical evidence (the actual body), understand and accept it and for their sake and the sake of their children and the world, re-write and restore truth to history and science as we currently know it. This re-discovery, re-introduced to the world, is but a ripple in the sea of darkness and deceit, which we know as our present history and scientific knowledge base.

If today we know this one truth, what more will we learn tomorrow, with our constant diligence and fervent quest for the truth about other things?