Thursday, September 26, 2013

"Bigfoot Sightings In Alabama"

If you are searching for Bigfoot in Alabama, you might want to head north. Or, point your car towards the giant peach water tower.

Topping the list is Morgan County with five sightings since 2008, including a 2012 sighting at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. A kayaker spotted something near a creek and a later investigation determined the creature to be "very stocky with little to no neck"
"It appeared to be about 7 feet tall and weighed around 400-plus pounds," BFRO researchers said.
Next up were Limestone and Chilton counties, each with four sighting.

One Limestone's most recent sightings took place in 2001. That creature was reported to be "8-9 feet tall. It had brown hair covering its body, appeared to have no neck, very long arms, and took long strides."

Chilton County also has four sightings. The home of the peach water tower has a long history of Bigfoot sightings dating back to the 1960s, including some suspicious tracks found in the peach orchards.

Overall, there have been 73 Bigfoot sightings reported in 42 of Alabama's 67 counties.