Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bigfoot Best Action Figures"


By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker


In the world of Cryptozoology, Bigfoot is a huge attraction. So, why not a list of the best selling Bigfoot action figures. I bet you had some of these when growing up and may still have some of the older ones.

By far the most popular Bigfoot figure in the 1970's was the Bigfoot from the TV show "The Six Million Dollar Man. Bigfoot was played by Andre the Giant and then Ted Cassidy who also portrayed "Lurch" on the TV series "The Addams Family. These action  figures still show up on places like ebay and Amazon.com

The Six Million Dollar Man Bigffot action figures"

Next is the Accoutrements Bigfoot action figure. It's posed as a recreation of the Patterson Bigfoot head turn and even included a mini stamp pad that allowed you to leave his foot prints all over.

Accoutrements Bigfoot

Also very popular was the STRANGEco's vinyl figures. These figures have been sold out for a long time. You may still be able to find some, but expect to pay possibly upwards of $400 for it

STRANGEco's vinyl figures


Back in 2003, Mezco's Cryptozoology line came out with plastic replicas of Bigfoot, the Mothman and the Jersey Devil. While the Bigfoot figure was somewhat popular, the rest died a quick and sudden death in the sales market.


Mezco's Cryptozoology line

                                                        Click here for  Mezco's aucton figure video


One of the newer figures is Fisher-Price's Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster. How many kids have you seen this in his or her toy box? Maybe Tim Fasano will use one of these in his next hoax. Hey! Maybe Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes" will fly Steve Kulls out to prove the toy is a freaking hoaxed Baby Bigfoot? No wait!!!! Foss and company may do an "expert video on it being a real Bigfoot with the usual Facebook/FindBigfoot description of the "Up and down" movement, the mid tarsal break and the conned head.

Sideshow statue model

The ultimate Bigfoot auction figure which isn't really a auction figure is the Sideshow Exclusive Bigfoot Statue w/Art Print & Footprint - Sasquatch. With only 50 ever made they are selling on ebay for $329.00!!!!!

I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a gigantic Bigfoot action figure explosion. You may even see an action figure of ""The Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World." Can you guess who it is? 


That all for now. Till next time, as they say "Keep On Squatchin"