Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Bigfoot Beer to Bigfoot Sweaters"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

Here's is something if your a Bigfoot item collector you might want to grab up when they are available for your collection. Olympia Beer will be releasing for the company's Pabst Brewing Co, a special beer with a Bigfoot label. All we need is some Big guy pretzels and your ready for the BIG game of the week.




With all the Bigfoot collectable's available for years like Bigfoot Drivers license, Bigfoot Art and drawings, the Garden statue, action figures, ash trays and on and on. Hey! You could have your own Bigfoot room in your den or basement. I'm sure there are several collector's out there who would love to get each and every Bigfoot item that may come out. I had a friend just last week send me a photo with him at a garden center standing next to a Bigfoot statue mentioned earlier. He didn't tell me the price. He didn't want to give me another heat attack. If people can collect The Beatles, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean items, why not the big guy too?


Santa will be coming again this year and Shredders offers intarsia sweaters with ironic, crass, and fun designs, well, that's according to the people in the Shredders promotion department. So, check out the Bigfoot/Sasquatch design and put it on you list to Santa this year. Ho Ho Ho!!!!


And, if that wasn't enough, now there is Bigfoot luggage tags to help you find your baggage at the airports if it isn't lost or severely damaged by the airlines or sent thousands of miles away. But, don't worry folks. The airlines will call you "if" they turn up.


What's next? Well how about a Bigfoot swimming pool? Sure! I can see it now. Look great in a BIG pool that's shaped like a giant foot. And....'if' and only 'if' your lucky. Santa will make a mid-tarsal break in it. Ok, ok, just in Dr. Jeff "Zeppelin's" Meldrum's pool. After all, Santa may have seen the good Doctor on a Monster Quest rerun and was impressed. I hope Saint Nick brings 'ole Doc a new job because once the Bigfoot body is released and it's made know there is NO mid-tarsal break. He will be looking for a new position and selling his books as something to hold up a window.

I'd like to type some more but, I have to go to move by Bigfoot car before I get a BIG ticket. Even Santa can't get you out of that one. Can he?
Wait! I want the new "Haters" action figures. You wind them up and they stab each other in the back.
I also have my eye on the" Official Facebook/FindBigfoot award. You get the official FB/FB charcoal and grill and tub of lighter fluid and grill to burn the award on. Now, that's a gift that will keep on giving among many in the 'Bigfoot Community'. LMAO