Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Update: Live Bigfoot, Kulls, Filapovic & Dobbs Invatation"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

Here the latest on Steve Kulls, Randy Filapovic and JR Dobbs coming to LA this Friday to see the live Bigfoot now in captivity. Kulls from what I was told posted on his Facebook page "Invitation excepted" but, we haven't seen proof of any plane tickets as of this writing. Dobbs as you will see in Rick Dyer's video may or may not come stating he's afraid for his life?????? oooooooook!!!! That' a good one.

Filapovic as I had figured is coming up with every lame excuse in the book to say why he can't come. He needs a passport, he needs a visa, he needs this, he needs that. Unless Canada is thrown back to the 1800's, it only take's 24 hours to get a passport if you ask for a rush on it. Now here's the guy who has an entire 24/7 blog up saying Rick Dyer is a liar, a hoaxer, blah blah blah. Doesn't he want his small flock to see him turn various shades of green when he casts his face upon a living, breathing Bigfoot? Surely what he has been saying has to be the truth right? Filapovic makes claims without proof, this is his chance to come and see the live Bigfoot. I know he never imagined that this offer of a lifetime would come his way. What would he do then? Go back and have to admit he is wrong. That he made an ass out of himself. What would all those anonymous posters on his sick blog say then? If he doen't not come I challenge him to shut his blog down this Friday night 8/9/13 and fade away quietly .

No, he won't come because now he would have to admit the truth. Admit he was wrong and shut down his trash filled blog. Where would the haters go then besides walking away with their tail between their legs like little puppy dogs.What would they spend all of their time on the computer doing then? Surly not looking for jobs.

 It's now Wednesday, 2 days away from Friday. If anyone of you are coming to be proven wrong and see the live Bigfoot. You need to show us proof that you are coming. Do it now. Don't screw up your chance to see this incredible being for yourselves.

 Keep tuned people.

To see the latest video, click the link HERE