Monday, August 12, 2013

"Steve Kulls Squat Detective"

Steve Kulls claims he was sent to California by Jon Foss aka Jack Barnes to bust a hoax, WTF?

It wasn't a hoax, it was a prank on the "Sasquatch Detective" he claims he is. Just what detective work does Kulls do? In all the years in the Bigfoot community he hasn't found any evidence of any Bigfoot's that we know of. All he has done is disclose personal information on Rick Dyer's home address, phone number and things of that nature. He claims he wasn't in on the 2008 hoax. He says he broke the story?  Why don't he disclose his actual true involvement in that event in 2008? Now, there's a good story. He wanted more money from Tom Biscardi to keep his mouth shut and he didn't get it. He's lucky so far that his full involvement hasn't been disclosed yet. But, it will be.

                                               (Steve Kulls and Tom Biscardi)

Kulls is a trouble maker of the highest degree. A little guy with a big mouth and a yellow streak down his back. He smiles in your face and then stabs you in the back as soon as possible.

Why is the Bigfoot community full of jealous people, most off their rockers who do nothing but fight and bicker amongst themselves. They are never really going to find anything of real value or evidence of Bigfoot. Most of them are on giant ego trips bigger than the state of Texas.

                                                 (Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes"

Now Kulls is in bed with Jon Foss of the Foss Swim School in Minnesota. As we mentioned yesterday. Foss must had forgotten that it was Kulls who disclosed his real name and photo on the Internet and what business they run. Jon Foss was so afraid that people would find out he was "Jack Barnes" of Facebook/FindBigfoot he resorted to use a fake name.

Mr. Foss is pissed that Rick Dyer has shut him out completely in any dealings with the dead Bigfoot he shot and killed last September in Texas.

What has Foss and his Facebook Findbigfoot has to show as an achievement? Nothing, zero. They had their YouTube channel shut down for good. They got mixed up in copyright infringements over the videos they lifted" off of YouTube. They come up with nutty unconfirmed details of what they "think" a Bigfoot looks like, walks like and moves like. They also insist Bigfoot's have a mid tarsal break, which they don't. Their book was pulled from selling any further. That's pretty bad. In short, Faebook/FindBigfoot so called work is a joke to the fullest degree.

Rick Dyer said on his program tonight that they paid him $10,000 for the gun seen in the movie "Shooting Bigfoot", but then tried to have Dyer fly coach to their location in Minnesota. They always claim they are of some means. Maybe that's how you get rich by doing the cheapest things possible and have little or no regard for anyone but themselves. They act like giddy school kids with toys.

Kulls was used as just another pawn and Foss will now toss him aside. Foss along with Kulls and several others have been trying to ride the coattails of Rick Dyer for some time. Without Dyer, they are nothing and will fade away never to be heard from again.

The Sasquatch Detective is just trying to save face by being made a jerk to the public by flying 3,000 miles to see a live Bigfoot in captivity that eats McDonalds hamburgers in the back seat of an SUV.  No wonder people outside of the Bigfoot community think people who mention Bigfoot's are nut cases.

Maybe Judge Judy will have Kulls on when Foss takes him to court for disclosing his real name and business over the web.