Friday, August 2, 2013

"Rick Dyer Resumes Filming His New TV Series"

by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

     Rick Dyer is back in front of the TV cameras as he resumes shooting his new TV series which has several shows already completed or as they say in the biz "In the can", meaning film canister.

     Someone pointed out to me that one of the anti Dyer blog's 's make a statement that Rick wasn't even considered for the new Spike Bigfoot series. Truth of the matter is Rick turned down that series. The Spike show is from what we understand a series about looking and possibly catching a Bigfoot. Rick Dyer already has a Bigfoot, as I'm sure you already know.

(Rick Dyer, The Greatest Bigfoot Tracker in the World)

     Slowly buy surely people are starting to realize that what Rick says is the truth. The "Haters" as we call them claimed that no way in hell is Rick Dyer doing a TV series. We'll as I mentioned, several shows have already been completed for a major TV network with shooting now underway for the rest of the series.

     When the body of the Bigfoot is released it's going to effect current shows now on the air like Animal Planets "Finding Bigfoot." All these seasons and what has Matt Moneymaker found besides Bobo as a stand in for eyewitness accounts? Nothing. Maybe they will have to change the name of that show to "Not Finding Bigfoot" or "Never Found Bigfoot."

     One show "Finding Bigfoot" had a "family" claiming to have had an encounter with Bigfoot. Turns out the "family" shows up on The Jerry Springer Show several times under different names posing as guests. Look it up, it's on YouTube somewhere.

     I doubt the Spike series will ever get off the ground and into production once the entire world sees that a Rick Dyer already has a Bigfoot body.  
As Samuel L. Jackson says in the movie "Jurassic Park", 'Hold on to your butts'