Monday, August 5, 2013

"Rick Dyer Announces There is a Live Bigfoot in Captivity"

by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker
I consider myself extremely lucky to be the first person to write about this major news announcement that happened this weekend.

If you've been stranded on a desert island the past few days, you may have missed Rick Dyer's announcement that there is a LIVE Bigfoot in captivity. I'll repeat it again "There is a LIVE Bigfoot in captivity."

This major breaking news story was revealed just Saturday evening on Rick's Team Tracker Platinum members site. These members have stuck by Rick's side during these many months, and as promised they would receive the news first. The story was released to the public on Sunday night via Rick's other members sites page and then later to the entire world.

Not only was there a Bigfoot shot and killed in San Antonio, Texas on September 6, 2012, but when the Bigfoot was shot, there was a baby Bigfoot that was nearby which was gentle and Rick Dyer was able to pick it up in his arms. When the dead Bigfoot was taken for study and X-rayed, it was found to have both male and female organs and had a dead foetus inside one of it's 2 stomachs. So, there are 2 dead Bigfoot's, not just one. The body's study revealed that it's has both male and female sex organs, among other things.

The living Bigfoot was taken to a secured facility which it currently is being kept. It is doing extremely well and adapted very quickly to it's new home. It interacts with it's keeper and also Rick Dyer who visited the juvenile regularly. But more on the in the coming days.
(Rick Dyer)
No question about it. This is a shocker of a lifetime. For the full announcement and details, see Rick Dyer's compete video below.

Rick and I would like to thank all of his supporters, friends and family and the Team Tracker complete team who have stood and continue to stand by his side. This has been a very emotional life changing event that will now place Rick Dyer's name in the history books as the man who proved to the world that the myth and legend of Bigfoot is real. Along with that, his name will live on forever.

Watch the video below for more of the story!