Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"New Trail Cam, Smeja & More Bears?"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

Well, here we go with a another trail cam photo of what "some " are saying could be a small Bigfoot or maybe a bear. Some say they can see fingers on a hand. I'm glad no one is claiming it IS a Bigfoot, at least not yet.


New trail cam photo


Six years ago researcher Rick Jacobs took photos of what the BFRO claimed was a Bigfoot. I really don't take much stock in what the BFRO says. They also indorsed the Justin Smeja story. If you don't know it, quickly, Justin Smeja is the man who claims that him and his partner, Jack, “the driver,” claimed to shoot not one, but two Bigfoots, in the Sierras in the fall of 2010. He claims that one of the two juvenile beings encountered that day was fatally wounded by him. The adult one he first encountered, retreated wounded into the uphill brush and presumed dead, never to be found. Much later, he went back and said he gathered what he claimed was piece of one. As mentioned, DNA testing was done, it's sample came back as being from a bear. Again, how could the BFRO indorse that? I'd love to hear them try.

                                                                          Jacobs trail cam photo's

Now this new trail cam photo pops up and people are comparing it to the Jacobs photo. The creature appears to have a severe case of mange and that would cause what appear's to be hair loss. But, that's my opinion. I am not a mange expert. You know of any? No, wait! I do know of someone. Remember Michael "Tazer" Merchant? His beard looks like mange. Either that or he washes his beard with steroids in water.




Michael Merchant


Will Facebook/Findbigfoot will send the Kulls signal up in the sky for the help of "The Sasquatch Detective" at his secret location nursing home he works at during the all night hours. Oops! Did I let the cat out of the bag? Sorry. Not really folks.

Maybe it's the baby Bigfoot that was left roaming around near the Hollywood sign a few weeks ago. Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes" gave Detective Kulls his frequent flyer miles to descend on LA to "crack" the case once and for all. Pardon me a second while I finish laughing.


"                                                                The "Squat Decetive" Steve Kulls

Let's not forget Jason Barone. Barone is the real name of JR Dobbs. He drove all the way to LA in his or a rented car. Another ace reporter ready to help descend on The City of Angeles. Did these guys hear that the baby Bigfoot ate at McDonalds and they were hoping to get the toys in the Happy Meals bag.?

I'm sure these fine gentleman will be able to get to the bottom of this new trail cam video without the help of the BFRO. I think BFRO stands for Better Find Regular Opinions. Matt Moneymaker has all the credibility of Ted Bundy . If you don't know who Ted Bundy was, Google it. Moneymaker is another ego maniac in the Bigfoot Community which I think needs a neighborhood watch.

I'm not going to waste time on more trail cam photo's and the Justin Smeja Twilight Zone story when I know a person who has an actual Bigfoot body. You may have heard his name? It's Rick Dyer and he IS "The Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World." Soon he will shock the world.

Possibly the Smeja story is a lost episode of the old TV show "Dick Clarks's Practical Jokes  Bloopers. Hey! come to think of it, Smeja does look like Uncle Jessie on the TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard", that character was played by an actor named Denver Pyle. Hum, I wonder, I wonder.


Uncle Jessie from "The Dukes of Hazzard"

Justin Smeja or Uncle Jessie?

In the meantime. Keep checking those trial cams. If you see a Bigfoot. Shoot off a flair. I'll be watching the sky. Oh! check out the new Smeja action figure coming to a toy store near you this holiday season. It comes with a junior DNA testing kit and a bear meat sample. Batteries not included.