Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"More Leaks On Sykes 'Sierra Kills' DNA Study"

Dr. Brian Sykes and Justin Smeja
We reported to you months ago that the Justin Smeja Sierra Kills story was a hoax when the DNA came back as "bear" with human blood on it.

Another new leak hitting the Internet is that the boots Smeja was wearing was tested by Dr. Brian Sykes and it will be reported that samples taken from Smeja's boots are too degraded for any anything positive from them as they were too downgraded in salt water. What a shocker!!!
( Left) Justin Smeja and (right) Sanh Oriyavong aka Shawn Evidence

We pointed out some time ago this hoax was masterminded by the old Team Tazer gang, Smeja, Sanh Oriyavong aka Shawn Evidence and King Looney Tune Michael Merchant. Old double M  has not been on the radar much lately since his YouTube account was taken down for repeated copyright infringement violations. Merchant, another self appointed 'expert' on Bigfoot who's never even seen one

Does anyone really think Dr. Sykes aim is to prove that Bigfoot aka Sasquatch are real? Dont hold your breath. He set his aim on Justin Smeja for a reason. You don't have to be Detective Columbo to figure that one out. Now Smeja claims to be putting the finishing touches on a book. How about that? A video is also in the works produced by guess who? Ro Sahebi, another Michael Merchant Stooge.

Ace Squatch Detective Steve Kulls is said to actually indorse this hoax. Maybe he's waiting for Jon Foss aka Jack Barnes of Facebook FindBigfoot to get him more frequent flyer mileage to head to the Sierra Kills site, as they did when he came to see the live Baby Bigfoot in California last week that Rick Dyer punked him with. No wonder the Bigfoot community in general is not taken seriously by anyone on the outside looking in.