Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Kulls, Filipovic & Dobbs, See You This Friday"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

Rick Dyer is saying to Steve Kulls. Randy Filipovic and JR Dobbs, here is the offer of a lifetime. Come this Friday and Saturday August 9th and 10th 2013 to Los Angeles California to see the live Bigfoot that is in captivity. If I were anyone of the 3, I would grab this opportunity at once. So far Rick has not heard from any of them. I can't imagine why? Surely these people are going to stand behind their wild claims that Rick has no body, is a liar and a hoaxer. They have loyal followers who I'm sure want their heroes to get into action.

Within minutes of the radio show, the blog's were buzzing saying that 2 stomachs are impossible, both male and female sex organs are impossible.That me bringing up the Komodo Dragon as an example as a living creature having an off spring without mating is not the same as an Ape. That the DNA study's shows otherwise that Bigfoot is a cross between Ape and man. What DNA studys? Not the Ketchum crap? Come on now and put your money where your mouth is. Nature has proven over and over again that wonders do happen. There are new creatures discovered on a regular basis. This kind of controversy would have gone on forever if Rick Dyer had not go to Texas last September 2012.

The scientists studying the dead Bigfoot's as well the live one state that it is of unknown origin. Are you people smart enough to challenge them? Some of the best minds on Earth?  I don't care what degrees you have or from what books you read. Don't flatter yourself.  All of this is going to have to be changed.

Get your plane tickets ready Steve Kulls. Randy Filapovic and JR Dobbs. Rick Dyer will see you all this coming Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles.