Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Haters: No Backbone"


(Introducing our new Team Tracker member, Hank Tracker "Mr. Blog Squatch" who's assignment is to bring you the truth in Bigfoot news 24/7)

Well last night's Rick Dyer show again proves what we have been saying for along, long time. These "Haters" as we call them have no spine whatsoever. The can bully and trash you on line alright, but when you be kind enough to invite them to call into the radio show they refuse to do so. We're not even going to mention names, they know who they are and so do you kind people who have been with Rick these past 11 months and longer.

Everytime there is a Blogtalk show they are quick to jump in to the chatroom and type the worst things possible and make themselves out to be the slimballs they are.
Does anyone really care what these lowlifes have to say? We laugh at them. They are complete nobody's that have no friends and no jobs. When the radio show was off  for a few weeks, they turned amongst themselves and starting fighting like children in a playground. That was very funny to watch.

Who in their right minds would put up an entire blog to trash someone. No real adults that we ever knew. These are mentally disturbed people who are very dangerous to themselves and the public. They belong in a local mental health facility with a straight jacket on. They create fantasy's and devote 100% of their time on it. Deranged people with deranged thoughts who actually found a small flock to gather court every day which is about to come to an abrupt halt.

We will have the last laugh when they all are shocked watching TV and see the body of an authentic Bigfoot shot and killed by Rick Dyer, The Greatest Bigfoot Tracker in the World" and the scientific information that will be announced at the press conference. Then they will fade away into the cracks they crawled out of and drag the computers they wrote on into the darkness of slime never to be heard from again.