Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Facebook/FindBigfoot Pays For Kulls Flight"

                                                 (Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes")

In a shocker which show's everyone how dirty the Bigfoot Community is, Facebook/Findbigfoot paid to get Steve Kulls to Los Angeles to as they called it "Bust the Rick Dyer Hoax". ??????

Kulls was only pranked. Not very much of a nasty thing at all considering all the money and heartache he caused Rick Dyer over the years. If you recall many, many times on Rick's radio show, Rick stated that there was no way in hell that Kulls or J.R. Bobbs and several others would see the Bigfoot.

 Did they forget it was Kulls that exposed them and reported their real names? Oh yes, real names. Jack Barnes is in fact Jon Foss of Foss Swim Schools. Eden PrairieMN. I guess they have forgiven Kulls now.

 Foss aka Barnes and FB/FB paid Rick Dyer for the gun that he used in a Rick Dyer movie. They also purchased the bullets for the gun. How about the video for the beats all time Bigfoot video they awarded Rick?

 See, Foss is pissed off that what the top scientist have found studying the live captured Bigfoot is a being that was unknown to science  .FB/FB have this half assed theory that Bigfoot is half Ape, half man. Low and behold, don't tell these guys there are wrong because they have lots of money. And if Jack and Jeff don't ant so. LOL

Steve Kulls has caused grief to Rick Dyer for several years. Giving out Rick's home address and phone number. He had to move twice in one year due to these haters. Plus, Kulls has done many things to him that we haven't reveled  yet to the public. But, will be forth coming.

How these "gentleman" became interested in Bigfoot is a mystery. There are self proclaimed "experts" on Bigfoot according to them anyway.

Do you remember they were hoaxed by 2 kids when FB/FB claimed a video was 100% real as a young boy was talking and in the background a "Bigfoot" was seen walking behind him? The truth is these kids sent in a video they made of the child and it was his brother walking in the background with a hoodie on. Plus, they showed how they did it. Mr. Foss and company were made to be fools.

A few weeks ago they were invited to attend the expedition to San Antonio on the anniversary of the events that took place there. Foss sent a reply "Why would we want to spend $2,000 to sit in a tent in the woods? Gee, why? really Mr. Foss?

Rick Dyer and Team Tracker are completely finished with Facebook Findbigfoot. Foss would rather join forces with a guy like Steve Kulls who exposed their real names to the public and has never discovered anything as far as Bigfoot evidence then someone who has a live Bigfoot in captivity and 2 dead Bigfoots. No wonder they stopped being active on Facebook.

Dyer is so discussed with FB/FB that he burned the award they gave him for best video of all time. Ask yourself why was their YouTube account shut down? Why was their book pulled form the shelves? Someone should be looking into them.

 Who knows, maybe some kids will come along and send them a new video they can say is authentic again somewhere on the Internet .It won't be on YouTube that's for sure. Leave your swim trunks on and get the hell of of the Bigfoot world where you don't belong.