Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Finding Bigfoot's BoBo Faye Makes A Boo Boo"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

     Finding Bigfoot's BoBo is on Twitter making false statements about Rick  Dyer. In this video, Rick talks about these statements. Why doesn't BoBo address the statements about Matt Money Maker's alleged drug use on location of the show? It's on all the blog's. A well know "secret" now out of the closet. Another fact BoBo does not address that he's not as tall as they want people to believe. I've talked to several people who have met him and he's not the "giant" they make him out to be.


    James "BoBo" Faye ready for some "tree knockin with no results again"

     The show using the same format week after week, town hall meeting, CGI animation, they  pick the worst amateur videos to look into, horrible "recreations" and the cliff hanger into every commercial when they say "Wait! what's that? After the commercial the "Wait! What's that is a freaking squirrel or an Owl, LMAO. In my opinion they should call this 60 minute waste of time "NOT Finding Bigfoot" and they never will. There is only ONE person who found Bigfoot and his name is RICK DYER.

     Hey! What's a good looking famous guy like BoBo doing on Twitter on a Saturday night? You think he would be "Finding Bigfoot" with some good looking girl like Renee from the show. She's so hot, she reminds me of "Ernie" on the old TV show "My 3 Sons"

Renee "Finding Bigfoot"

                                                             Ernie "My 3 Sons"

Click below for Rick Dyer's response to Mr. BoBo