Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Bigfoot: Two Stomachs; why?"

                              (Artist depiction of dead Bigfoot shot by Rick Dyer)
By Jason Judd Team Tracker Member
Two Stomachs; why?

See a problem, theorize the "how," and prove the "how."
Three types of critters: Herbivores, carnivores, & omn

Most herbivores have more than one stomach—a rumen. This is a requirement to digest the protein from cellulose. Chewing alone cannot do it. In order to support this, herbivores are usually quadrupedal and have a long “gut.” They chew, swallow the vegetation, 1st stomach digests and regurgitates back to the mouth, they re-chew the “cud” and then swallow again. This breaks down the cellulose to provide the animal with proteins.

Carnivores have a short gut and simple stomachs that supply protein to them from the meat that they eat--monogastric. Alas, most of the time, a carnivore is resting due to over-eating and they wait for the food to digest before doing anything. Keep a lion full, and zoologists can walk right up to them because they are too full to do anything about it—nor do they want to.

 Omnivores can digest both. All primates are omnivores. A being millions of years old would have a specialized digestive system that would allow for the efficient digestion of all food. However, it would definitely need teeth that could support the re-chewing of “cud” to break down the cellulose. What animal has this attributes needed for being a top predator?


 He needs the protein requirement for its large frame and the calories to support. He needs to be able to cool himself as well. Inner choanae being on the outside of the nostril will support cooler breath intake—slits. Dual rows of molars will allow the super-chewing to breakdown all food in a “short gut” digestive system.

 All of this is easy to explain if you think outside of a human and their capabilities. Do sasquatch live in the hot, humid lands? Yes. Do they live in the cold arid lands? Yes. It is capable of living nearly anywhere and eating nearly everything—just as a millions of year old omnivorous critter should be able to.