Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Bigfoot, Kulls, Filapovic & Dobbs UPDATE"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

Rick Dyer did a special show last night and it was a blast!!!! Giving everyone updates on the challenge to Kulls, Filapovic and Dobbs. Kulls claims he's coming, but we haven't had any proof. Let's see the plane tickets, let us know your ETA. So far NOTHING. At lest he did call Rick on the phone.

 Filapovic, why waste my time. The guy has every excuse in the book. I never thought he would come. He would have to be video taped and his reaction of seeing a live Bigfoot would be priceless.

Here's some of the crap posted on his blog someone sent me:

 Sir Lord RacerX! Brave and Noble Knight of Haterville!

You have been summoned to the battlefield of California to slay the Dragon known as Dyeria! The Dragon has unexpectedly revealed itself in a rare 100 year cycle.

It is your noble duty Sir Lord X, to protect our homelands from this evil.

Brave Knights Dobbs and Kulls will be assisting you on this Holy Campaign.

Just shows you these people aren't playing with a full deck. What is a Racer X? I know Speed Racer?  I know X rated. I know X marks the spots. Does this guy think he's a freaking super hero? LMAO
              (Randy Filapovic, Sir Lord Racer X! Brave and Noble Knight of Haterville)

Here again is my challenge to Filapovic. If you don't have the guts to come and be proven wrong. Everyone in the Bigfoot community will know you are afraid and a coward. Afraid of what you have been saying about Rick Dyer was crap all along. How will you be able to show your face again or to post another lie on that trash site you call a blog? My challenge to you Mr. Filapovic I will repeat again. If you don't have the nuggets to come to LA this Friday August 9, 2013. SHUT DOWN YOUR BLOG and move on. There's no way people will read you lies any longer. Don't burry your face in the sand. This time, you can weasel out of it.

Then we have Dobbs, very cocky on his videos. He reminds me of "Eddie Haskell" on the old TV show "Leave it to Beaver" If you remember that old series,  Eddie was very nice to your face, but will stab you in the back quickly.  Dobbs says he afraid Rick Dyer will do him harm. Not true. He's afraid he'd poop his pants being inches away from a live Bigfoot.

So, come on haters, your all brave men aren't you? If I had an offer of a lifetime like this, I'd be ready to head to LA. You not going to weasel out of this are you? You say Rick Dyer is full of it. You state your reputations on saying that over and over. Here's your chance. We all know who's full of it. Now your showing the rest of the Bigfoot community your true colors.

 Another laughable thing happened during last night's show. Cindy Schall Shafer who goes by "Pinkfoot", what the hell is a Pinkfoot? Never mind I don't really want to know. Shafer sent Rick a message asking if she can see the live Bigfoot. Is she kidding?  Rick told her not just no, but HELL NO!!!! She left us high and dry and showed her true colors. She didn't ever have the courtesy to turn over her files of all members. We got into it in the chartroom. She said I didn’t ask for the files. How  could I ask for files when I had no idea there were any. Rick told her "When you are out of Team Tracker, you out for good, never to return. So, she didn't think his statements were true when she was on the team but, now she wants to see the live Bigfoot. Sorry, we don't like traitors.

                                                           (Pink" hangs" it up)

We have screen shots of her saying behind Rick's back that she thought the tent video was CGI. Wow! That's some supporter. The biggest mystery that she still refused to answer in the chartroom last night, as she has all along was why did she refuse to show her face? None of the team members ever saw it. All they saw was that one photo, which could have been anybody. Rick even sent her a video camera to hook up and she never did.  She claimed she would stop by Dallas Gilbert's home, who was not feeling well, to vist on her way back to Ohio, she never did. A true mystery for Sherlock Holmes.

She though being Vice President means just taking care of memberships. No! there's a hell of alot more to that position. I do more things in one day than she did in 3 months and people SEE MY FACE on every show, every time.

I can't wait until the next show and I haven't even mentioned the haters in chartroom who still hide behind their keyboard and again refused to call in and talk to us. They have to hide behind a computer like all the other cowards do. No spine, no guts, not real men.