Friday, August 9, 2013

"Bigfoot Investor Will Appear At Live Bigfoot Event"

       "Bigfoot Investor Will Appear At Live Bigfoot Event"

Rick Dyer revealed tonight that his famous investor will appear at the event tomorrow to see the live Bigfoot that is now in captivity. His name was been kept a secret due to his wishes to remain unknown.

Jason R. Barone, which is J.R Dobbs real name is making his way to Los Angles according to information we have received.

Steve Kulls, "The Sasquatch Detective" in a recorded phone conversation with Rick Dyer conformed his flight number from New York and will be in LA tomorrow also.

As anticipated , Randy Filapovic who goes by the self termed moniker "Racer X" never accepted the invitation claiming he would not be able to get a passport within 24 hours, another bogus claim on his part, of which they are many. We hope this shows his followers that he does not want to see the proof of Rick Dyer's statements and only wants to tarnish Dyer's name. When this was announced, he was challenged that if he did not accept the invitation, then shut down his blog. But, we all know that if he did so, it would crush his make believe world where he is a Dragon slayer and a Knight in Shinning Armor....Whoa!!!! get the straight jacket.

Randy Filapovic who was never considered part of the bigfoot community is now considerd the laughing stock of everyone. His rants remind people of such looney tunes's as Hitler or Stalin. Former U.S. representative from New York state Anthony Weiner has more credibility than Randy Filapovic.

In what can only be considered alot of nerve, Pinkfoot who's real name is Cindy Shafer had the guts to ask Rick Dyer for permission to also attend which he granted. Pinkfoot is highly disliked by Team Tracker members, as well as many others, but it goes to show you that Rick Dyer is a very, very kind gentleman to will let her attend. This will be the first time she has agreed to show her face in public or will she? We never knew what she looked like as she refused to show her face. Even when sent a web camera, she refused to hook it up. Something very strange there


There you have it in a "nut" shell. Stay tuned people, stay tuned.  Have a nice day.