Monday, August 12, 2013

"Big(foot) Emergence"



We need an expanded vision to look beyond the scuffles and eruptions that have been rising up and rising up all around us.

 If we can see into a near future we might be able to relax, yet sometimes during times of paradigm change there will be destruction of the old system. There will be the ones that bring the change and those who resist, but change will come.

 We can recognize that the trail blazers may not always be who we would choose or who we would expect. In the larger vision we can put the dramas into their necessary pockets and just sit back and watch and wait.

It is your choice to live the experience, join the frenetic energy of the fray or to dream the vision in neutrality, in calmness. It depends on your perspective and what makes you feel well. At this time…

 We can take advantage of this current critical time and delve into the the collective conscience and feel what is really going on. And swimming in these depths it is not unnatural to get a sense of what the truth is what the signs are pointing to and what will soon be birthed