Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Are The Dyers Haters Coming?

If you are followings this event, so far only JR Dobbs, who's real name is Jason R. Barone "claims" he is on the road to Las Angeles. There is no information from Dobbs or photos of any landmarks on his journey as of this writing.

                                                 (Steve Kulls Missing in action)

Not a word form Steve Kulls who said he was coming and will be in LA this Friday August 9, 2013.It's now Thursday and if he would be coming, Rick Dyer has not seen a scan or photo of Kulls plane ticket. Some people who know Kulls say he can't afford a plane ticket. That he does not have that kind of cash. Is he going to miss this live changing event?

                                                   (Randy Filapovic missing in action)

The other "dude" Randy Filapovic has every excuse in the book why he can't come to the US from Canada which is a load of crap. A big man behind a keyboard, but gutless when it comes time to put his money where his big mouth is. Seeing a live Bigfoot would destroy his fantasy world of Knights in Shining Armor, Defeating Dragons with his mighty sword and all the pointless thinking of a
alleged decisional mind in need help said  alleged professional mental evaluation. According to rumors, mental heath professional's looked at his "blog" and they became alarmed at his rants. What his "followers" don't realize is that they will go down with him as an accessory in his attacks now under investigation.  

With only one day left and only one person who claims he's coming to California. It looks like the other two will go down as losers and cowards in the Bigfoot community. They can trash peoples reputations, but when  they are offered the chance of a lifetime to see an actual Bigfoot, they ran or the hills.