Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This story is one of the most well known of all encounters to everyone long entrenched in Bigfoot research. The purpose of this series is mainly, to enlighten people who are new to, and interested in the subject of Bigfoot, present and future research. 


After another two days of prospecting, finding nothing and moving on, Albert eventually found what appeared to be the perfect campsite. A couple of mature cypress trees nestled against a rock wall, with a spring flowing beneath them. A permanent campsite he thought. So he cut lots of brush to make his bedding between the trees and then rigged up a pole in the rock wall to hang his back pack. He brought in rocks for his fireplace, the perfect setup for any prospector……And as I remember, that’s when things began to occur.

Albert did say that he was a very heavy sleeper and not much can disturb him once asleep, particularly on such a comfy bed. Thinking about it, I can see myself doing the same, even wanting to live in a place like that. Perfect and peaceful or so we thought.

When he awoke the next morning, Albert noticed that his stuff had been disturbed but nothing was really missing. Thinking it was just small critters rummaging through his things, he continued to fix his breakfast. Later that night, he loaded up his rifle and put extra shells in his coat pocket. He kept his rifle close and his shoes securely tucked under his sleeping bag, still thinking it might just be a porcupine, they like leather.

The next morning, Albert awoke to find that his pack had been turned over and emptied out. Missing was his half-pound package of prunes and his pancake flour. The salt was untouched, porkies always go for the salt, so it couldn't have been prokies, he thought. Worried that it might be a bear, he searched for tracks but found none. The next few days, Albert did not venture too far from camp, in the event his visitor came back.

For three consecutive nights, these visits had been going on. Albert climbed up on a rock with a good vantage point on the camp, still thinking it was porkies. If it were, he would have a porkie stew that night. With night approaching, and the possibility of rain, he made sure to notice how everything was arranged and did not undress; only removing his shoes. With his rifle close at his side and his pick axe driven into the tree trunk close to his bed and within reach, he intended to make an all night vigil but lost. He fell asleep.

He was abruptly awakened by the feeling of being picked up by someone. Still half asleep and trying to come to terms with what the heck was going on, he started to remember his trip and why he was there. He thought it was a snow slide but there was no snow around his camp. What could it be? Then, felt like he was tossed on horseback but could feel whoever it was, was walking off.
(Part 4 coming soon)