Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Tribute to Dale Boswell - Team Tracker Member

 Dale Boswell - Creative Services Director/Team Tracker Member

By: Lynk Paul - Editor/Team Tracker Member
Dale Richard Boswell, is my friend and I consider him family, fortunately for me he feels the same way too. He always accuses me of being a talented writer, so it is only fitting that I honor him, with my literary prowess on this his 55th birthday. In my efforts to do so, I will endeavor to prevent this tribute from resembling or having any such likeness to a eulogy. Some things I cannot promise, I can only hope that I am as good a writer as Dale thinks I am.

Dale is indeed a man of many talents and has amassed quite a vast collection of achievements and accolades over the years, which are eternally notched on the belt of his illustrious career. His biggest achievement however, and I suspect, would be the discovery of his life time, his lovely wife Robin and ultimately their children and grandchildren.

I often wonder why this veteran superstar and legend in his own time would want to call someone like me friend or even care to know me. I have known Dale for some months now and we spent a lot of time conversing back and forth. My initial synopsis is that he is either an escaped mental patient, he means to capture me and harvest my organs and sell them on the black market or maybe because of his fame, he needs to study me and learn how to be a no-body and blend in.

But further analysis and observation of the situation yielded very strange results. None of the above turned out to be true. Therefore, I must concede the following: Dale is very famous yet humble, honest, respectful, caring, witty, loyal, intelligent, trustworthy, talented, resourceful and nothing more than a great man with a great family, a big heart, monumental achievement in the music and entertainment industry, a graphic artist, and maybe a few more that he keeps hidden for a rainy day.

Dale rubs shoulders with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and also Robin's too. I didn’t think that people like him with so many friends and of a high caliber too, would choose to be friends with me. Yet he still took the time to know me and call me his friend, even paid me a complement or two, OK, like a hundred. OK, I admit it, I’m awesome. That says a lot about the strength of his character as a man and his worth to me as a friend. To me, that is more important than all his achievements. For what is the measure of a man if he has no strength of character and honorable virtues.

Dale Richard Boswell, I salute you and celebrate with you on this your 55th Birthday, your life, your achievements and most of all your friendship. May you always have good health and strength, stay forever young my friend, live long and prosper…..yeah, I just had to throw that in there for theatrics……more effective……OH, and may the force be with you!!!!!!