Friday, August 30, 2013

"A Talking Bigfoot? & Week In Review"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker
Sasquatch Canada's Talking Bigfoot returns

It's the end of another wacky week in the Bigfoot community folks. I'll just pick some of the highlights that are the funniest.

Could anyone with an ounce of intelligence actually believe these videos coming out of Sasquatch Ontario? Several months ago I wrote an article showing exactly how this guy made the alleged voice of the Sasquatch he would want anyone to think is speaking human words and saying his name "Mike." The link to that article is below.

It called a harmonizer and it's used in the music recording studios, movie and TV studios and most places where voice's would be recorded. I worked with one every day in my long broadcasting career. So, when I heard this hoax, I busted out laughing. "Mike, Mike", LMAO!!!

What get's my goat is most of the people with a brain, know he's faking it, no question. Why is this guy getting any attention?  Some people actually think it's possible that these recordings "may" be authentic and that makes me laugh again. Alot of people and thing's in the Bigfoot community makes me laugh. I'm not even going too waste your nor my time linking the video of this garbage from Canada.

Please read the article explaining how a harmonizer works and also see how it works in the demonstration video HERE

Pinkfoot Cindy Shafer is not Mata Hari????

Ace "journalist" Robert 'Scoop" Lindsay writes

[Pinkfoot has requested without informing anyone of whom “Mata Hari” is, to tell everyone that Mata Hari is definitely not Pinkfoot! It does sound like Cindy knows who it is, though. I agree with her. I do not think Mata Hari is Cindy]

Yeah, thanks Scoop, I'd take the word of an admitted sex pervert anytime. Of course 'ol Pink claims she's not “Mata Hari”. She tried to get ME to retract my article about it awhile ago. I refused to do so because I was the one who exposed her.  What this does prove is that Lindsay doesn't even know himself who “Mata Hari” is and that's sloppy journalism at it's best. Printing any crap he gets by email? very credible huh?. Back during the Nixon Watergate investigation, REAL reporters Woodward and Bernstein knew who "Deep Throat" was. Real journalist use confirmed sources to back up what they write. But Linsday can't call himself that. We call Pink "Bagfoot, becasuse she would never show her face. Now that's a bid odd. What's up with that?

Pink saying she's not “Mata Hari” is like Hitler saying he wasn't going to invade Poland. Geez! I have never seen such crap as what you see in the Wonderful World of the Bigfoot community. As I said before. I wish Sigmund Freud was still living. He'd have a field day with these people, such as Justin Smeja's bear meat, Dr, Meldrum mid-tarsal break and his $300,000 balloon to search for Bigfoot, Melba Ketchum's DNA waste of time,  Super sleuth detective Steve "Dick 'Wallmart' Tracy " Kulls, the boys at Facebook/FindBigfoot. Freud would be able to do an Encyclopedia of people that need his
Psychoanalysis or should we call it Bigfootoanalysis.

I'll leave you with this joke. A guy says "I think all those people must be drunk who see Bigfoot" The other guy's answer's "What about all those photos & video taken?" First person replies "How do you know those people weren’t drunk when they took them?"

Have a Bigfoot holiday weekend.