Monday, July 29, 2013

"Where's Your Tent Video Jeff Smith?"



  by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

If you heard last nights radio show, you heard me challenge Jeff Brown to keep his word and show us the tent video he was going to recreate to show the world Rick Dyer's tent video was faked. He was going to do this last March by the way.
Time to put your money where your mouth is Jeff Brown or as the fake name you use Daz Quick. What do you think your a freaking super hero?

Jeff Brown likes to go by the name of "Daz Quick" for some unknown reason. It may be that it's part of his fantasy world of make believe. I never met Jeff Brown and to be honest, I wouldn't want to. He's the kind of guy that if you ran into him in a dark ally your crap yourself from fright. I would not buy a used car from anyone who looks like him as well. Would YOU?

                                 (Composite photo allegedly of Jeff Brown aka Daz the Spaz Quick)
What I think is laughable is he always said he was on the fence about Rick. Brown should be on the wagon, not a fence. He considered himself a team tracker member, but no one else ever did.

He, along with all the other people some call "Haters", I call them psychos hang around with the likes of Randy Filipovic who also uses the moniker "Racer X", again another nut who thinks he's a super hero, LMAO. Oh yes, Skyla "Death to the Hoax" aka Steve Lane, Lois Lane, Alan Lane and on and on.

We can't forget our favorite "journalist" Robert Lindsay, but that's another story. I have never seen so man Wako people running around the streets. It's scary.

To the people who follow these scrumbag's, looks at the Charles Manson family. Manson had loads of followers. Look what happened to them.. If making death threats is your cup of tea. Stick with your leaders like Thomas Berlin does. Another lost soul. You all show your true colors when you write in the Blogtalk chat room "Hey take your nitro Frank", or "Feeling any chest pain Frank?" "Hope you get another heart attack" You show any outsiders how mentally ill you really are.

                                       (Crap or get off the pot Jeff Brown aka  Daz the spaz)

So, there you have it Jeff Brown (Daz baby). Let's see that tent video by this Friday August 2nd. 2013. Show us how Rick Dyer "faked" it instead of making cartoons like a child would do. I bet you C A N T