Saturday, July 27, 2013

"The Dark Ages of Bigfootery"

   (There has been a long history of haters)

 by Alexes Pereira Team Tracker Member

We are at the nexus of the Information age and a Golden Age on this planet, but here in Bigfoot we are stumbling through the Dark Age.

Yes, I know we have had some notable works and brilliant visions but collectively the attitude of the community is one of ignorance and superstition. Without going beyond this we are simply sneezing from the dusty books and stagnating as a community.

Instead of appreciating the accumulated evidence we are at odds with one another and the field is crawling with fake videos and imperious authorities pontificating on a subject they have not studied in the flesh.

Rick Dyer has become the Heretic and he and Team Tracker has been burned at the stake for being the rebels that have spoken out exposing the “Church of Bigfoot”. We are fighting each other with pitchforks and torches for what?

For nothing but a divergent voice, a claim that has not yet  been proven. And yet unproven claims are the Hallmark of Cryptozoology. Here we pick and choose who to support and who to make into an example to serve as a deterrent or warning not to upset the mighty forces.

It is similar to the attacks on FB/FB. Even before they supported Dyer they were attacked for having opinions and original thinking. Many who have not conformed have been criticized in the Community.

Even before any DNA studies had been published we were warring about what a Bigfoot was; man vs ape, Bigfoot vs supernatural being...Can we make room for many theories in this community without squashing curiosity and knowledge seeking?

And now we are witnessing the collapse of the known Bigfoot community and we can see the volatile eruptions daily. The angry mob has been acting in desperate, irrational ways but this is reactionary and shows an internal struggle waging against the upcoming curve in the road.

We are awakening to a new consciousness and this strife is like the deep waves of contraction as we give birth to a new life; Bigfoot in the New World

We are now emerging from this Dark Age into an age of enlightenment and Rick Dyer has his hand on the light switch. We who have been patiently, (all right impatiently), supportive, open-minded and intuitive are waiting before the threshold ready to enter this new time. Even the so–called Haters must be included in the end.

What a strange coincidence that Rick Dyer killed a Bigfoot in 2O12, the year of Mayan Prophecy. 2012 was not the end of the world; it is the beginning of a new era, a transition from the focus on the self and the mind to the unconditional energy of the heart.

At this time some of us will feel a change, a lightening of mood. We will be invigorated as a community and the Bigfoot discovery will bring a fresh shift in our thinking, taking us on new quests and deeper insights into heretofore unexplored realms.

Squatch on everybody!