Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Tent Video Recreation, Never Going To Happen"

by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker


Ever since Rick Dyer took his famous tenth video on September 6, 2012 alot of people have claimed that they were going to recreate it. They said it was a guy in a suit and they could do the same recreation to prove it was a hoax. One guy, Jeff Brown also took on the task. That was well over 3 or 4 months ago and guess what? He never brought the subject up again.

Why do you think this is? If it's so easy to do because it's a hoax as they claim Rick Dyer did that night in Texas, how come no one has been able to recreate it. In the last several months people have bought many masks saying they found the mask that was used. Not one of those masks looked anything like Hank, the Bigfoot Rick shot and killed.

Think about it. In the tent video we see the Bigfoot's jaws moving as it is chewing the ribs that Rick nailed to a tree. You also see it blink. A person would have to be from George's Lucus "Industrial Light and Magic" to even try and attempt to make a costume anywhere near the creature.

                                                         (Hank  from the tent video)

No one will ever be able to recreate that video because it's was a live Bigfoot that was over 8 feet tall. Plus it was all filmed by Morgan Matthews who was knocked down by it's massive force. As I stated before, Matthews, Minnow Films and the BBC would have no part of a hoax. Mathews is an award winner director and would never put his solid reputation on the line. When asked the question if he had the Bigfoot body his answer was "I'm am not in the position of a Bigfoot body." He never said there is NO Bigfoot body.

Several of us have now seen the body starting with Musky Allen. Musky was a renown skeptic and flew to Las Vegas to see the body. After viewing it, he is now a former skeptic. I've seen Hank as well. I was completely shocked. That image is now burned in my mind. I can't compare that moment to anything else in my life.

So, come on Jeff Brown, lets's see the tent recreation you said you were going to do over 3 months ago. Let's see the Bigfoot you are going to recreate. Don't hold your breath people. It's never going to happen.


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