Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Team Tracker Duel Expeditions UPDATE"


                 "Team Tracker Expeditions: Vermont & Fouke, Arkansas"


So far it's been a busy weekend with two Team Tracker expeditions under way. The first one to kick off was the Rick Dyer Expedition  #91 in Vermont, which is covering  a vast area and several states. In these type locations cell phone service is spotty at best and at times the team is unable to make contact. Setting up a temporary camp, exploring and dismantling gear and equipment also keeps them busy  .

                                                  (Early morning at camp with Stickfoot)

Team #2 is in the Fouke Arkansas area searching for the Fouke Monster that was made legendary by the movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek". These conditions are extremely hot and humid for the team to endure, especially this time of year and we are very proud of each team.

                                                              (The Monster Mart)
The Fouke Monster is know to have a nasty disposition. Early evening the team heard loud wood knocks which the creature is know to do as many Bigfoot reports state.

We will keep you updated when we hear from each team. So, check back often for updated reports.