Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Robert Lindsay's Sex Problems"


                                                                   (Robert Lindsay)

We tried to be kind to Mr. Lindsay. We tried to have him contact us FIRST before writing and posting complete bullshit on his blog's.

But he's back to trashing Rick Dyer AGAIN!!!! We have had enough of him and all of the haters coming after us day after day.

So where do we begin. Should I tell you this man is a sex pervert or should I hold off for a minute. This man is way to lazy looking at his boys magazines to learn any facts. How this guy is still on the streets is a mystery to us. Oh sure! he's done jail time and that information is coming.



                                                       (Robert Lindsay with smirk)

Mr. Lindsay was arrested in 1987 for child molestation. Just the thought of that makes us sick. A poor innocent child to have to live with a horrible thing as that for the rest of his life. Lindsay has the nerve to say anyone else needs to have psychotherapy ????

How about his drinking problem? He was arrested in 1991 for DUI. Again why is this man still on the street?

He has been banned form hanging around schools and children just like the other freak Racer X was banned from Chuckie Cheese. This makes us sick at what goes on in there minds.

Does Mr. Lindsay have a real job? This guy lives with his Mother. Does he have to have an ankle bracelet around his leg also? I don't even want to get into that. That's minor.


I hate to think why he is so interested in Bigfoot. Does this man has a sexual fantasy about them. If you think not....think again.
Maybe a dead Bigfoot really turns him on. If your weird like him, the thought of an over 8 foot tall male Bigfoot with huge genitalia would be a real turn on.

Drunk, child molester, banned from schools, an admitted sex freak. What is wrong with this picture people. I hope to God this man doesn't have any animals.

So, those are just a few reasons why he doesn't have time to make a simple phone call or send off an email to confirm his facts before his post them. When you spend most of your time in bars getting drunk, hanging around school yards and molesting children, who has time to get any facts correct. We've explored this man's sick world long enough. The thought of writing anymore just makes me sick to my stomach.


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