Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Rick Dyer Expedition #91"

                                              Vermont expedition 2013

Rick Dyer and Team Tracker members Chris Sands and Big Jake kick off the expedition in Vermont tomorrow. For Rick, this will be his 91st. He has traveled the world for the past several years and he's looking forward to spending time in the beautiful state of Vermont.
This expedition is unique in that the team will employ kayaking in their search for Bigfoot over a wide area of several states and a vast area of woods for Bigfoot to live in.
Last months expedition to Mt Charleston was a success with alot of high tech equipment, including expensive FLIR cameras. A live Bigfoot was seen on top of a ridge by two team members that weekend. It's was thrilling to say the least.
The team will be sending back videos the entire time they are there and the vidoes will all be posted here on this blog and YouTube for all to see.

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