Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Rick Dyer Expedition #91 In Operation"

                                        (Stunning photo from Team Tracker Expedition #91)

"Rick Dyer Expedition #91 In Operation"

     It's a busy week as Rick Dyers 91st expedition is under way.  The team also consists of Team Tracker members Chris Sands and Big Jake who flew in from California.Vermont is a beautiful state with his forests, lakes and awesome scenery. The team had major success on our last expedition to Mt. Charleston near Las Vegas when Bigfoot was seen during the daylight by both Frank Cali and Dallas Gilbert of the team "Dallas & Wayne"

     The plan is to do kayaking during the day and set up camp in the evening looking for Bigfoots in the area. From Vermont they head into surrounding states and will cover a vast area.

                                             (Another beautiful area perfect for canoeing)

    Rick Dyer has developed over the years his own special plan to bring in these beings and had major success in San Antonio in Texas in September 2012 when  he shot and killed a Bigfoot  that made regular visits to a homeless camp.

   Also, this weekend another Team Tracker expedition is now under way looking for the famous Boggy Creek Monster of "The Legend of Boggy Creek" fame. Members Stickfoot and Jason Judd have arrived and set up camp.

Updates as they happend!!!!!

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