Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Randy Filipovic aka Racer X Arrested For Rape

                                                         Randy Filipovic AKA Racer X

Randy Filipovic from Calgary, Alberta Canada also known as the self titled laughable "Racer X" was arrested for Rape in 2001. According to an Canadian official that was contacted directly by our source in the United States today. After the trail, the charge was downgraded to sexual predator conducting lewd acts and was giving 10 year probation.

Now that's a shock. We though he was arrested in the past for child molestation, but that's not the case. It makes a person sick  to see these types of scum walking the streets

According to Canadian law in "Evidence in Rape, Sexual Assault and Child Sex Abuse Cases"


In Canada, evidence in sexual assault cases can include witness testimony, witness statements, forensic evidence, photographic evidence, and statements and/or admissions against interest. Testimony from the victim is usually the most important, and sometimes only, piece of evidence in sexual assault trials.


And this guy has appointed himself a piped piper and actually has a following. Now that the truth be told, we wonder just how many is going to leave his flock. Of course Randy Filipovic will call this lies and will say it isn't so. But this man who has some kind of delusional disorder and calls himself "Racer X" is a joke to anyone with common sense. Maybe he likes that term "X" for "X" rated reasons.

All of his followers should start to check into Mr. Filipovic more before having joined his slimy group.