Monday, July 1, 2013

"Ohio Bigfoot Seminar Waste Of Time"

by James Goins, Rick Dyer supporter


This past Saturday I got a chance to sit in on a bigfoot seminar at my local library here in Ohio. I have to be honest I was expecting to learn something.but that was not the outcome. Unfortunately what I took away from it was quite basic. It appeared to me that this person who's name I've already forgotten was an avid fan of a certain TV show and was basing his opinion on what he had learned from the countless episodes he had watched. I did not contribute to any discussion simply because I felt if I had mentioned Rick Dyers name it would have gotten heated very quickly, I'm quite a hot head anyway and moreover I didn't want to cause the few people that attended this to associate my violent tendencies with Rick Dyer or Team Tracker

(Soon the entire world will know who Rick Dyer is and why he is "The Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World", we already do)

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