Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Professional Opinion On the Sasquatch Ontario Recording" UPDATE

                                                            (voice harmonizer)


By Frank Cali Assistant Vice President team Tracker
(This is my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of Rick Dyer or Team Tracker members.)
I just finished listening to the Sasquatch Ontario audio recording(s) and in my opinion they are fake. Having worked in broadcasting for over 34 years, this is what is called a voice harmonizer. They are using in radio, TV, cartoon studios and of course movies. I worked with them everyday
This piece of equipment alters a voice to slow it down, speed it up, make robot sounds and it can also condense words to make them shorter. In commercials, when you do one, they usually run :59 or :30 seconds. This is standard in the industry. So, if an announcer runs over, you punch it :59 seconds or :29 seconds and it will make the audio to the exact time you want. If you watch any superhero cartoon, they are used alot. Remember "The Incredible Hulk"? Same type voice. One was also used to alter the voice of  Darth Vader in "Star Wars" and countless horror and Scifi movies.
Have you ever heard the end of a commercial where they talk about all the side effects of some med's? That is so fast, you can't really understand what the announcer is saying? . . again a harmonizer. If Pee Wee Herman talked into a harmonizer and wanted the "Bigfoot" voice effect, he would sound like that.
To wrap this up, I could tell in a few seconds this "Mike" recording is a harmonizer and not a Bigfoot. This is just another hoax being pulled of by someone and I had to bring this to everyone's attention. Now, here's something for the haters to go after.

Here is a link to a cheaper version called MorphVOX pro when a young gentleman shows some effetcs with it.
(Mike video link) 

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