Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Lies from Robert Lendsay! He must get his info haters!....


Bigfoot News July 21, 2013

Rick Dyer’s failed Vermont expedition. This sad story reveals the depths of Rick’s egotism. The Vermont Expedition has been represented as going forward smoothly and as planned. The blog is calling it “Rick Dyer’s Expedition #91.” And yet, Rick himself never made the expedition because, due to an acute attack of gout, he was forced to stay home in Vegas. Apparently he is allergic to transparency before his followers, so he would rather pretend to have traveled to Vermont than fess up to this very natural malady. That is the level of ego involved in the Rick Dyer Show.
Chris Sands already lives in Vermont and another TT member showed up in the state. Chris and the TT member decided to do some white water rafting. They took a lot of very nice pictures that Frank Cali has been posting on Rick’s website as part of the cover story to say that the Rick was there for the expedition and it went smoothly.
Every person on my team and some members knew two days before the expedition that Rick had a very bad case of gout and would not be on the expedition in Vermont. It wasn't the haters business
who went  and who didn't ..and why does so many people care?
*The expedition did go very smoothly and people had fun.
*No one stated Rick Dyer attended the expedition.
Dyer moving to Santa Rosa and moving the Bigfoot body out of state. I reported both of these things last week, and said that Rick said so on his radio show. In fact, Rick did not mention these things on his radio show. According to Rhettman Mullis, Rick is indeed moving to Santa Rosa. Dyer told Rhett this in March. Rick did say a while back that he was moving the body out of state, but he hasn’t said anything about this recently.
It's none of your business where Dyer is moving. I will tell you it's 100% not Santa Rosa, CA
Rick Dyer’s NDA’s. Apparently Rick’s NDA’s with the Team Tracker members are complete junk, not professionally written and not enforceable. Most of the TT members didn’t even sign them, and most regarded them as a joke.
Everyone with Team Tracker has signed a Legal notarized NDA that was approved by a attorney.
All Team Tracker Members and Paid members has till the Aug 1st to sign with notary and send back.
If not.. They will be Kicked....
Another Bigfoot researcher has seen Rick’s body. Apparently another researcher has seen Rick’s body, and they are willing to go on video and discuss it just like Musky Allen. I do not know who this person is, whether they are a nobody or if they are a major researcher. I am hoping it was Derek Randles, but I do not know that for sure. Obviously, I haven’t been able to find out the name of the person who saw the body. Hopefully the interview will be very interesting to listen to.
Derek has not saw the body yet!

Another page of Lies By Robert Lendsay. All we have to say is GOD BLESS!