Saturday, July 20, 2013


by Lynk Paul Team Tracker Member

 How extremely fortunate for an unsuspecting group of Tourists, that a very willing and helpful alleged Bigfoot was there to put on a show for them. It is NOT very often that an individual much less an entire group of people get the opportunity, to experience an up close and personal  meeting with this mythical phenomena.

Here is the link to the event:

Not only was the alleged Bigfoot kind enough to show himself, and in broad daylight too but close to a well trodden trail. Knowing fully, that he would be seen by a dozen or more people, he opted not to hide or run, but rather, continue his daily routine unhindered and unaffected by their presence.

If I were an educated man in the field of Anthropology, I would say, what is seen on this film is indeed “Gigantopithicus”, it’s quite understandable. Gorilla like; dumb; lazy; slow moving and foraging for vegetation/food.

Or more likely, the alleged Bigfoot is probably thinking;

“Hey!!!...I'm a Sasquatch, pretending to forage for food...come take as many pictures and film as you like....Do any of you have anything to eat by the way....This foraging crap doesn't really work...It's all a ruse....I actually had McDonald's last night”....OH, by the way, is my zipper down?....LOL

There is never a short supply of films like this one and the false excitement that goes along with them. Again, I’m not saying this is not a real animal nor am I saying it is. It looks like a Gorilla. If this was proven to be a Sasquatch, then it would probably be physically and mentally handicapped. They usually take care of their own and seldom leave a disabled or wounded clan member to fend for themselves, especially to be observed like a zoo specimen by the average passerby.

Mainstream Anthropology would have you believe that “Gigantopithicus” is extinct and their alleged descendants could NOT possibly have survived in the continental United States. This is true. Bigfoot or Sasquatch on the other hand, is something entirely different and is alive and well, at times in your own backyard.
If it’s this easy to have a real live sighting of the legendary creature known to ALL as Bigfoot or Sasquatch, I’m packing my bags and boarding a plane and definitely going to this location. But if I were you and reading this, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

There are thousands of pictures and video purportedly capturing this ever elusive beast. One out of a hundred or so might be genuine but are always inconclusive. Even when analyzed. There are only a handful of pictures and videos that are in the public domain which qualifies as genuine. The rest will be forthcoming very soon I suspect. In the mean time, keep your ears, eyes and MINDS open.

                                                       ("OK Folks! Ready, set, action)

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