Friday, July 26, 2013

"Incredible Bigfoot Footage (2013) ?????

By Lynk Paul Team Tracker Member

Bigfoot footage 2013?

After watching this a hundred times;

While casually strolling along the road in broad daylight, suddenly, Bigfoot breaks the corner and to his surprise, there is a family in the middle of the road. He takes evasive action, breaks right and disappears into the cover of the roadside brush.

I thought he took too many steps to get off that path and into the brush. Based on reports I have seen and read about, a real Bigfoot should have cleared that in two strides and been long out of sight. A couple of state troopers caught one on film, crossing a dual lane road in three steps, clearing the guard rail too and gone in seconds, into the tree line (about the time it would take to say WTF???).

I think this Bigfoot is sick, stupid or wants to be famous like Hank, or it could just be fake. He could have entered the woods further back around the corner so he wouldn't be seen by the obviously noisy family in the vicinity. If it was a real Bigfoot, I’m very sure he would have known there was a house around the corner, possible occupants and would have avoided them by traversing the woods, rather than taking the chance that someone didn’t have a gun and boldly walking at the side of the road and subsequently into view.
Then, lurking around in the woods, just waiting for the person filming to catch-up and film him doing the warning growls and finally moving off while the guy retrieves to safety. With the speed and agility they posses, why would he just stand there and attempt to hide? Maybe he thinks he’s the biggest, baddest thing out there or is quite confident that his gamble will pay off and he won’t be shot in the head.

After reaching cover, normally, a Bigfoot would have kept on going and covered a couple hundred feet in the time it took for the guy to follow. Did he want to eat them? Did he want the guy’s wife as a mate? What???? Damn, I should have sent this to Frank for the blog!!!!
That behavior doesn’t make any sense, unless it’s a lazy, slow moving Gintopithicus??? Yeah!!! That’s right!!! That’s what they think it is. Or it is possible, it’s the other thing; a guy in a suit!!! But there is also the possibility that it is a genuine Bigfoot pending detailed analysis, which will end up as inconclusive anyway.
It’s from a new TV show though, so you can make up your own minds. I’m not trying to sway you one way or the other. Don’t spend too much time pondering over this. If you keep looking at the news, you will actually see a real Bigfoot one day soon

                                                               (Bigfoot costume)