Monday, July 15, 2013

"Dyer Deserts Desert??????"

"Holy Hot One Batman" As Ronald Reagan said "They you go again" Over the past weekend the Dyer household held a yard sale. Can you read clearly A YARD SALE!!!

The Internet was buzzing with rumors that Rick was heading to Mexico AGAIN!!!  Hasn't any of you had one or been to a yard sale? I bet you have. Rick had some old cameras, clothing, just things laying around collecting dust. Now, if you've been to Vegas, you know you don't need anymore dust.

There hasn't been so much fun in Las Vegas since the old days of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy David Jr, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford of The Rat Pack legend.

Now, back to our main story... Rick is also selling a limo, bikes and shoes. What the hell is wrong with that? Isn't this America? Remember several months back when the blog's had Rick buying The Minnesota Ice Man?  Rick happened to fly into the area on business, but the Bigfoot detectives started the untrue rumor that he bought the Ice Man. INSANE!

Here 's question for everyone. Why is that one of the biggest bullshitters Justin Smeja never had people call him out or try to trash him? Let's revisit the Bear meat Boys again. 

                                                                       (Justin Smeja)

On October 8, 2010, Justin Smeja and a friend claim to have encountered three animals with characteristics that match typical eyewitness descriptions of Bigfoots or Sasquatch.  Smeja claims to have shot two of the three subjects. Smeja claims to have left the site with neither a body nor physical evidence of what he had shot, but a few weeks later he was compelled to return to the site in an effort to retrieve evidence of his claims. The landscape of the site had changed appreciably due to abundant snowfall and change of season, but at the location where they felt one of the animals had expired, Smeja and friend recovered a substantial amount of tissue with hair attached. They were very confident that characteristics of the recovered hide scrap matched the animal that Smeja shot. DNA test results, Bear!!! not Bigfoot.

Smeja had no bodies and only the support of the Michael Merchant camp who was in on the hoax the entire time. Was it just pure luck that Smeja, Merchant and company are friends and were working on a movie about the event. They all knew each other before this con.

Getting back to this weekends main attraction. Mr. Dyer is not heading back to Mexico. He is not leaving his team in the Vegas dust. The people who write or read this crap act like their IQ are extremely low.

Maybe Rick should hook up a Dyercam so everyone can watch his every move. What time he gets up, when go goes to the bathroom, picking out his clothing for the day. I'm sure that would make them happy.


Well, gotta go, all of us Team Tracker members are waiting to help smuggle Rick over the boarder to Mexico. We've already told him don't drink the water there and send us a post card.

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