Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Breaking News: "Rick Dyer Lock Down"


July 16, 2013

For immediate release

Statement by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker
Effective immediately Rick Dyer and Team Tracker are shutting down to all haters. We are done with them for good. They are not researchers. If you want to be part of authentic Bigfoot research, submit an application for approval. Any Platinum or Gold members who would like to post anything, please submit it to us for review.

We ban all haters from any of our Facebook pages, There will be no more live broadcasts, no Google hangouts. Will will post Bigfoot research information on our Blog. Anyone who publicity attacks Rick Dyer or any member of Team Tracker will no longer get a response from us.


      The Silver Members Facebook page will return and anyone interested will be able to join if you sign an NDA (non disclosure  agreement) and provide of copy of  a photo ID. NO ACCEPTIONS. You will have until August 1st to apply. There will be NO refunds.


       The frenzy of attacks on us is done. We have no time for such nonsense. We've just hired a head of security and he takes his new job very seriously.


   Rick Dyers major discovery and proof of the being know as Bigfoot and Sasquatch will be proved to the entire world. As I have mentioned in the past many, many times, when the Bigfoot body is released to the public, people will no longer be afraid to come forward of their sightings and encounters with these beings. They will no longer be laughed at. This will knock the scientific and zoological community on it's ears. It will change the world as you currently know it.







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