Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Bob Gimlin Endorses Squatchlt"

by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker
Alot of people say Bob Gimlin didn't make much money on the Patterson/Gimlin film allegedly showing a Bigfoot in 1967. It's been called the PG film, but mostly the Patterson film that was  filmed on October 20, 1967 on Bluff Creek a tributary of the Klamath River about 25 road miles north-west of Orleans, California. The film was shot by Patterson as Gimlin looked on with gun at the ready.

We know Patterson made money on the film as he showed it all over the country. Patterson died on January 15, 1972 of cancer. The copyright is now held by his wife.

Gimlin has now been signed up to endorse the gadget called Squatchlt. It looks kind of like a duck caller and sounds like a duck in heat. It's a novelty item really and it's a fun thing to play around with when your bored. I'm sure the kids would love it, but it isn't going to bring in them Squatch. I can see the BFRO using it on the "Finding Bigfoot" TV show. Hell, why not? they've done just about all the stupid things you can do week after week with no results. Flying in air balloons, ATV's and fireworks. So why not try the Squatchlt? Cliff Barackman endorsed as well.
I can see Bobo using it now if the show remands on the air? The ratings will start to drop, as each show is the same as the last. They should have named it "Not Finding Bigfoot".

Rick Dyer didn't use the Squatchlt and he actually shot and killed a Bigfoot. They don't call him "The Greatest Bigfoot Tracker in the World" for nothing.

Maybe Santa will bring you your very own Squatchlt this year, A great way to drive your neighbors crazy or if you want to break your lease on your apartment blowing it 3am in the morning