Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Bigfoot & Top 5 Monsters of All Time"

                                                      (Bigfoot & The Loch Ness Monster)

by Frank Cali - Vice President Team Tracker

With Rick Dyer shooting and killing a Bigfoot on September 6, 2012 thus bringing the "legendary" status of these creatures to an end, who would you say are the remaining top 4 legendary monsters of all time?

Is it, The Loch Ness Monster with reporting sightings going back to the days of Saint Columba in the 6th century a top 5 monster?. The "beast" as they call it in Scotland is still seen today which adds million of dollars in tourist money each year to that country. With many photos taken of this alleged sea creature going back to the 1930's, it's legend will live on.

Also on the list is The Yeti or Abominable Snowman. Described as an ape like creature, similar to Bigfoot that has reports going back many years. This monster inhabits the Himalayan region of Nepal, and Tibet.

We can't forget the legendary Mothman, the chilling being that had reported sightings in Point Pleasant West Virginia. Witnesses told police they saw a large white creature whose eyes "glowed red" when the car headlights shinned in it. Some witnessed a "flying man with ten-foot wings' following their car while they were driving in a location called The TNT area.

The list also has "The Dogman and The Michigan Dogman. One of the first reported sighting of the Michigan Dogman occurred all the way back to 1887 when two lumberjacks reported seeing the creature which they described as having a man's body and a dog's head. There are new sightings being reported in Tennessee and even a video taken of it there.

Two of our Team Tracker members, Stickfoot Tom Stickle and Jason Judd are heading out to look for the Fouke Monster,  a legendary monster reported near the town of Fouke in Arkansas.
Remember the movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek"?

Could one of the top 5 be "Champ" the lake monster said to be living in Lake Champlain? In 1977 Sandra Mansi took a photo of what she claims is Champ. This photo shows a plesiosaur type body with the long neck sticking out of the water. Our own Rick Dyer will be heading to Vermont this week for his 91st expedition along with Team Tracker members Chris Sands and Big Jake, one of our newest members. While this is a Team Tracker expedition looking for Bigfoot, they "may" encounter Champ because some of the expedition will be taking place in the waters in and around Vermont and nearby states. Rick and the Team will be sending in updates during the entire expedition and we will keep you posted here. More expeditions are also in the planing stages.

                                                              Sanda Mansi 1977

There are so many cryptids that could be added to the list. Ogopogo, resident of Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, The New Jersey Devil and The Yowie in Australia. Two Team Tracker members are from that beautiful country, Andrew Clacy and Kim Little, who can tell you all about the Yowie.

                                                      ("Hank"- Rick Dyers Bigfoot)

We must admit that our favorite of ALL of the famous creatures is of course Bigfoot. I bet it's your favorite too. The Bigfoot that Rick Dyer confronted will be seen on your TV's soon during a major press conference

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