Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Bigfoot: Ruby Creek Encounter Part 2"

                                                             (Ruby Creek home)

(Picking up the story from Part 1of one of the classic Bigfoot encounters on record)

Mrs. Chapman who thought the boy seemed strangely disturbed went out to look. They both thought it most likely a big bear in the bushes which bordered the field just beyond the railway tracks.

When she called out to the two children , they came running to her. It was then that the creature started to move onto the tracks and she saw what she describes has a gigantic man, covered with hair, not fur, about four inches long over the body and a pail yellow brown color. Mrs Chapman compared the color to sheet of lightly varnished plywood that was located in the room with her. A brown-ochre color.

 The creature came right toward the house, she was standing there with her eldest son. On her instructions, got a blanket from the house and rounded up the rest of the children.

By this time the creature has reached to near the corner of the filed approximately 100 feet away from her. Mrs Chapman spread the blanket, holding it aloft to shield the children from seeing this being. She backed off into the old field and went down onto the river beach to get out of sight. They headed downstream straight to the village.

When asked if her purpose of using the blanket to keep the creature from seeing the children in accord with an Amerindian belief that if they had seen the creature, it brings very bad luck and often death, she said that she had heard the white man speak of that belief, she had not been told that by her own parents. She was told to not wander off or go near certain points and valleys and run if she saw one, which they referred to as The Sasquatch. They also told her not to struggle if one caught her because it may squeeze her to death by mistake

Mrs . Chapman said she also used to blanket because she thought it was after one of the kids or it may get into the house, which it did. This creature went into the house and rummaged through things and hauled a 55 gallon barrel full of salt fish, breaking it open and thus scattering to contents all over the house.

 The sad things is that later all three children died within a 3 year span. Two boys drowned and the girl passed away on her sickbed. After one of the original interviews, the Chapman's also drowned in the Fraser River when their row boat capsized.



(More in Part 3 when Mr. Chapman is interviewed)