Monday, July 22, 2013

"Bigfoot: BackTo The Future"

                                                              (Rick Dyer & Hank)

by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

Yesterday I made a trip back to where I had my first Bigfoot encounter in 1977. It was a little bit spooky to me to return to that location after all those years. The area has now really become overgrown, but still the location could still be made out. The path I used to walk my dog is still there, but now extremely hard to get into. It's one of those things you have in your mind, but always put off for some reason or another. No! I didn't take any photo's because I want to keep this area of limits to people. I never told many people about the encounter for years and years.

Little did ever imagine what would lay in store for me years in the future changing mine and so many others lives forever.

Going back brought vivid memory's, so hear is a recap of what happened that fateful day:

I lived in a townhouse that was built in front of a forest as our backyard. Miles and miles of trees. Everyday, I would walk my dog in the woods. One morning while walking him there, I heard some loud noise and all of a sudden my dog started shaking, teeth chattering and he was pulling me away very frantic. All of a sudden I heard this heavy breathing and grunting and trees smashing down hard. This "thing" was coming and coming fast. The dog ran as fast as he could, so I figured it was time to make a fast retreat. I could never get the dog to go back to that area again. A few days later after I got up enough nerve, I went back to the area.The heavy and large tress were pushed and smashed aside. It looked like a bulldozer came though that area. It clearly was not a bear. As many researcher have told me,  there has been reports of Bigfoot and dogs in the past. I often think of that day and will never forget it.

So now here I am in in the present. I have seen a Bigfoot body and also a live one on Mt. Charleston with Dallas Gilbert of the team "Dallas and Wayne.' Little did I know when I used to watch all of those Dallas & Wayne Bigfoot videos that one day soon Dallas would be saving my life.

When I saw Rick dyers tent video, I knew in an instant that is was not a man in a suit  or  CGI. I worked with CGI all the time in my former profession. The way Hank blinked his eyes drove home that is was a real Bigfoot for me. You can't get computer animation to do that kind of an eye blink despite what these so called "Haters" think.  Oh, I'm sure they will try an dtip that statement appart LOL

These "Haters" have a Charles Manson mentality. You are never going to get them to think otherwise. That these people, spend 24/7 on us is extremely weird. They really need to seek mental health professional help as soon as possible. They get off on these kind of things, basing, threaten, invent things because they have nothing else to do. It's sad because people who have actually looked at the information, heard the eyewitness accounts either believe or have a wait and see opinion.  Get a freaking life haters. Go to a movie, go to the mall, watch TV before your commented to an institution for mental health.