Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Bigfoot 101 Classes For Racer X"

by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

I never go to the Randy Filipovic "Racer X" blog. It's a giant waste of time written by a trouble maker who has your Charles Manson type following.  I did hear that his blog comments actually think Albert Ostman was a bigfoot researcher. A BIGFOOT RESEARCHER!!!!! They don't have a clue on the history of Bigfoot. Nor do they care. All they want to do is bully Rick Dyer, myself and team Tracker.

I would put money on it none of these troubled souls have ever seen a real Bigfoot or had an encounter. These people just sit around and spend their entire time on line. I'm sure none of them have jobs. They most likely are on public assistance or live in their Mothers basement, as some of them have already been documented to be true.

They choose a "man" that sets up an entire blog to bash Rick Dyer 24/7 as the leader of the pack. Why they have it in for Rick Dyer is a complete mystery to all of us. To spend all that time and energy on Rick is spooky and unhealthy.
If they think he didn't shoot a Bigfoot in Texas, who cares? We are talking about mentally disturbed people all gathered in one place. Sort of like being in Hitler's bunker who would never admit they lost the war. Does Randy know that his people like Thomas Berlin try weekly to get added to our pages?  All troublemakers were kicked of by me several weeks ago in what I called "The Haters Massacre."

When the body does come out. Who are they going to pick on next? Will they admit they made fools of themselves? Never gonna happen people. But, I am sure alot of them are going to say "I knew he had a body all along."

So Randy Filipovic from Calgary, Alberta Canada, who makes an ass of himself going my the moniker of "Racer X" and your loyal followers, do some research on the subject of Bigfoot and you won't make fools of yourself so badly as you did by stating that Albert Ostman was a bigfoot researcher.  You've already made yourself look like fools in the entire Bigfoot community which you are NOT part of by any means.