Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Open Letter to those Deciding When to Reveal the Sasquatch Specimen

An Open Letter to those Deciding When to Reveal the Sasquatch Specimen
by Christopher Noël
Violent attacks on Rick Dyer and his family are quickly escalating. Last night, a very serious incident occurred that landed two men in a Las Vegas jail. Of course, we are all greatly relieved that law enforcement was able to intervene in this case, but the outcome could have been otherwise, and the next attack may not be so successfully repelled.
I call upon those in control of the Sasquatch specimen to consider this dire situation in their planning. It seems clear to me that such malicious activity will decrease once the body is revealed to the world, because before that day, Rick Dyer will be seen (by those who don't know the truth) as a lying, aggressive egomaniac who deserves whatever he gets, but after that day, he will be seen in the proper perspective: as someone who has been telling the truth all along and deserves a lot of respect for doing so in the face of widespread condemnation.
I hope that this latest, extremely disturbing incident will spur into action those who are making this all-important scheduling decision, and that they will undertake prompt measures to reduce the danger to Mr. Dyer and his family. Every day that goes by in this endless postponement only raises the very real risk for the entire Dyer household, which includes Lily and three small children, effectively holding them hostage at the mercy of unpredictable and deadly forces.

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